Thursday, November 3, 2016

God in Politics #4

One of the images in this week’s blog shows an image of Mary and Joseph holding baby Jesus after being welcomed into the world. They were welcomed into a stable to give birth to Jesus and the meme says, “Don’t forget to hate refugees as you set up a nativity scene celebrating a middle eastern couple desperately looking for shelter. This meme plays on the contradiction that some would hold the birth of Jesus in such high regard as the son of refugees while Christians today in the U.S. want to completely deny the ability to help refugees from Syria.
The other meme in today’s blog post shows an image that originally depicted Jesus in the market that used to be a church and he was flipping tables and whipping people. The meme reads, Voting for the socialist Jew who condemns bankers is literally the Christian thing to do”. Instead of Jesus’ head on the body in the picture it is the head of Bernie Sanders.
The source of authority in this week’s blog post referred to in the images below is the authority of ideology. The religious authority of ideology is based on faith, beliefs, ideas, or shared identity; i.e. theologies or doctrines (Campbell 2016). The source of authority is ideology because the memes presented in this week’s blog post directly refer to stories and teachings in the Bible that are held to a Holy liking in the Christian faith but are said, by the meme, to not be applied in culture today by those who claim to follow it most closely.
The Logic that seems to be at work in this case study regarding the ideological religious authority is the logic of disjuncture and displacement. This logic states that traditional authority is eroded by the Internet and new patterns and systems that run counter to traditional authorities, disturb the status quo. This is exemplified by the pasting of current leaders’ heads on the faces of religious figures and creating an irony that they people of today that claim to hold Christianity dear to their heart, is not actually following simple stories from the Bible.
The definitions and framing authority impact the message being communicated about religion in politics in the memes presented in today’s blog by bringing up irony in the logic of current, political, conservatives and people who also claim to be Christian conservatives.

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