Friday, October 28, 2016

God in Politics Blog #2

The religion that my case study most closely aligns with is Christianity. However, the posts are not limited to Christianity because the Facebook page itself is titled “God” the user represents themselves as God and not as one specific God. The most common representation on this Facebook page is more of a left leaning political view and a satirical explanation of many political and religious viewpoints. Many posts refer directly to the upcoming presidential election. Some simply attempt to take a viewpoint that is popular in certain religious or political supporters and they try to show the worst in it.
Based on the images used in blog 1 and now in blog two one could make the assumption that Christianity is a religion of intolerance, an unwillingness to help those who are not like them, and also actions that can be deemed hypocritical. When looking deeper into the memes from blog one and two one can see that the memes are being used to showcase the errors in practice of many Christians and how those practices do not align with the actual teachings of Christianity. In blog one there is a meme with Republican Jesus on it that says, “And then Republican Jesus said: Only feed the ones who pass the drug test”, which is obviously attacking the demands that many republicans make that would require all welfare recipients to pass a drug test in order to receive benefits. The second meme used in blog one shows a picture of a bumper sticker that reads, “My God is bigger than your government”, and on the borders of the image itself the meme reads, “THIS is how terrorism starts”. This meme is intended to show that Christians are, metaphorically, throwing stones at Muslims because of certain perceptions that the Christian republican public seems to hold, but in actuality the Christians are the ones who are possibly inciting terrorism. 

The memes used in this blog, blog #2, continue to play on the idea that Christian republicans are not that much different from the people in this world that they claim to hate the most. The first image shows on the left a picture of a small, white, church, and on the right of the image is a headshot of Donald Trump. The meme reads, “What do these two things have in common? Both are white, pay no taxes, and are full of shit”. The next meme for this week that I have provided is a meme with Gene Wilder in character as Willy Wonka that reads, “You’re upset because you want your religious laws to be the law of the land? You know who else wants that? ISIS”, which only continues to show the irony of many Christian republican claims.

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